Be Able to Define Timezone Parameter When Bulk Publishing from Data Store Item

08-19-2020 08:03 AM
Status: Open
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When testing Bulk Publishing from a data store item, I came across an issue where my data wasn't showing up because my data had editor tracking enabled, and it was set to database time (eastern standard time). In order to set the the timezone parameter, I would have to long into arcgis server manager and set the timezone parameter for each of the 19 services I bulk published from the data store item. This is not very convenient. 

There I propose, that you be able to set the timezone parameter prior to publishing the layers in bulk from a data store item. There needs to be some way to define this ahead of time. Another option would be for the publishing workflow to use the connection file to access the data, and read the editor tracking settings, then apply the appropriate timezone parameter settings to the published layers. Either way would be an improvement to the current workflow. 

Thank you for entertaining this idea. Thank you for everything and have a delightful day.




Joe Guzi

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I ran into the same issue when trying to use bulk publishing. Thankfully, I only had a few layers that had edit tracking enabled at the time. I am looking to bulk publish several more GIS layers now, but they all have edit tracking in database time enabled. I am starting to wander if it would be a better use of time to disable edit tracking, convert the times to UTC, re-enable edit tracking, and then bulk publish.

I am contemplating this because it is going to take a while to go into the properties of every service to set the time zone, and I am concerned I will have to do this after every sync.