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Add the ability to tag users in Portal

04-27-2021 04:43 AM
Status: Implemented
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We have 850 employees and multiple departments, groups, app, etc.

We often create App for specific Work Groups or multiple Work Groups.

When we invite users to a Group for a new app it can get very cumbersome. I recently launched a Web App and Dashboard and had to invite 143 people into the group.  

If we had the ability to TAG users it would have taken seconds.  

Meaning allow the ability to TAG a user with customized TAGS. 

For example, I have a group of people in our Telecom Department

I would create a TAG called Work Group (these are actual values stored in our Maximo)

Inside Telecom there are Field Crew, Engineers, Design Techs, Supervisors

I would create a TAG called Job Type

Today I am launching a new Web App and Group.

When I go to invite I could filter by TAG. I would select Telecom >  Field Crew & Supervisors.  Engineers and Design Techs will not be using this app.

Also for User and Role management it could come in handy.

The above mentioned Group  with 143 people.  I had to change about 90 of them from User/Viewer to Field Worker/Data Editor.  We are able to export users and their roles.  But for changing them I could have could have filtered by User Type > Role> Work Group and Job Type. To quickly find all those employees I needed to make sure they all had the correct User Type and Role


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YES! This is practically essential in user administration. We can use custom roles to keep the filtering capabilities but unfortunately, custom roles are somewhat limited beyond simple editing/viewing tasks, so we often have to use standard roles in order to get things done.

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Hi, the functionality you are now requesting is available through Member Categories!

Categories are available in ArcGIS Online, and in ArcGIS Enterprise starting at 11.0.

Once a category is created, like Field Crew, for example, you can assign members to that category. Then, when adding members to a group, you can add members by selecting all from a specific category categorization.

Here is the relevant doc:


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