Null Date Fields auto populating to today's date

12-15-2023 09:12 AM
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I just downloaded version 2.1 to check out the updates. In 2.0, when I went to edit a feature in a feature class, all date fields were overwritten with the current date and time. That appears to have been fixed in this version, but only to a degree. If a date field has existing data, it retains that data. This is great. However, if a date field is null, it is still overwritten with the current date and time, with no way to set it back to a null value despite null values being allowed in the feature class. 

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I also have a similar issue... I have a field (long) with default to NULL (which I want all new records to have), but when I add a feature, the field is updated with 0. 

I need that field to be NULL

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