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Editing Feature Service coordinates

04-04-2024 07:01 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Connected to ArcGIS Online and editing coordinates of a Feature Service, I notice this "up and down" behaviour in the text box while I use the left and right arrows of the keyboard :


Also, it seems impossible to update the coordinates from the text box. When I close the "Update successfully" prompt, the coordinates go back to their previous values.


Using ArcGIS Earth 2.1

Thank you!

Geoffroy Richer-Lalonde
GIS Specialist, Hydro-Québec
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Esri Contributor

Hi @GeoffroyRicher-Lalonde 

Thanks for pointing out the two issues. The first one, "up and down" behavior, will be addressed in the coming release. For the second issue, you need to press Enter to confirm each coordinate update. For this test case, since there was already an Update button, using the Enter key to confirm the update seems a bit unnecessary, we will rethink the UX.



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