ArcGIS Earth not rendering 3D layers

05-14-2021 05:58 AM
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I have been trying to set up ArcGIS Earth to view my web scenes that are stored on ArcGIS Enterprise, however none of the 3D layers are showing - this inludes a number of slpks and an extruded city model (buildings).

I am only seeing the the 2D layers so the footprints of the buildings (not extuded) and 2D lines. The names of all the layers are shown in the data legend.

Does anyone know how I can get the 3D layers to show?


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Esri Contributor

Hey Izzy,

Thanks for your feedback. Sorry to hear that you may encountered some render issues. Could you provide one of your sample data to us via ? Having the specific data would help Earth team to locate the problem faster.
Additionally, as an ArcGIS Enterprise user, having a related support ticket would help us to synchronize up the fix in the shortest time.


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