Vector Tile Layers as a supported data type

08-22-2021 11:30 PM
Status: Implemented
by Anonymous User
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Many custom basemaps on ArcGIS Online use Vector Tile Layers; however, Vector basemaps are not supported at this moment and cannot be displayed on ArcGIS Earth mobile accordingly.I inquired regarding the display issue a while ago, thinking it was a bug, and it turned out that simply ArcGIS Earth mobile does not support this data format.Would it be possible to add support to display Vector basemaps and support Vector Tile Layers data format on ArcGIS Earth Mobile by any chance in the future release?


Hi winoue,

Thanks for your feedback. I am glad to share you that Vector Tile Layers support has been explicitly included in our product plan and is expected to be released early next year. 

If you have any other suggestion for us, please feel free to try and send us feedback via




Vector tiles in ArcGIS Earth will be a MUCH-needed enhancement. It's just about the last remaining hurdle to getting my org to go "full ArcGIS" instead of dividing their time between ArcGIS Online and Google Earth. Can't wait to see it.


Will this be included in the next release? We're running into issues where Esri has deprecated the older tile layers, but we are unable to load the vector tile layer replacements. 


Hi  BrettLessner, ArcGIS Earth Mobile V1.5 has been planned to release in March, which will support to load vector tile layer. We look forward to your trying and coming up with more good ideas for improvement.



The support to load vector tile layer will also be on next ArcGIS Earth desktop version (1.15)? 


@LauraKārkliņa  Yes, and ArcGIS Earth desktop 1.15 will be released in early April.

Status changed to: Implemented