ArcGIS Earth Slide Support (Desktop and Mobile)

09-23-2019 04:20 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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One thing I really like about ArcGIS Online Web Scenes is the ability to create and share slides. Being able to guide a user through the most relevant content is very useful, particularly when you want to customize how it will be viewed, what layers to turn on/off, etc.

This specifically came up when I was trying out the new ArcGIS Earth mobile app. While it is really slick and responsive, guiding a user through the Web Scene can be difficult when you have lots of layers. For the end-user, having an option to simply iterate through pre-configured slides would be extremely beneficial.

Jasmine Du‌ - tagging you to make sure it gets through to your team


Hi Mike, 

Thanks for testing ArcGIS Earth Mobile and I am very glad to hear you like it.  Supporting web scene slides is within our backlog. If you have used ArcGIS Earth on windows, you will see the bookmark function. We will consider an enhancement on the current bookmark design to merge/browse/select slide. 

The current design for reading web scene in ArcGIS Earth mobile is limited as there is no control over what layers to turn on/off. What I would suggest is when creating the web scene, turn on all layers simply for mobile visualization. Feel free to share more feedback to help us improve. 



by Anonymous User

Thanks Jasmine, appreciate the update 🙂