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08-01-2023 04:20 PM
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I'm running into a strange error when adjusting the altitude of my images in Drone2map.  I'm on version 2023.1.1. When I use the Adjust Image Altitude tool in drone2map, the tool adjusts my image to a completely wrong value. My methodology is adjust using constant elevation, unchecking "use metadata" and entering the Phantom 4 Pro's barometer reading using a separate exif reader tool, and entering the elevation of takeoff I captured using submeter Geode GPS unit. I'm using meters for both. 

For example, The pop-up box will than confirm "Altitude will be set to 687.48 meters + 60.7 meters." Once I run I will get a value that is clearly not 687.48+60.7. Instead it changed my image altitude to 15.93 meters.

Any suggestions on what's going on? This is a new problem I've run into.

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Hello Lika

Sorry for the delay - I'm not sure how I missed your post.  Did you get this resolved?   Can you tell me why you're adjusting the altitudes?  Is it because the EXIF values are incorrect?  (This is very common with many drones).  Our recommended solution is to use ground control - is that not possible for your project areas?  

Cody B

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@CodyBenkelman I have an example here where I needed to adjust flight altitudes approx for geoid height


So my altitudes are approx at 125.8 and I want to lower them by approx 40 meters or as shown just set the altitudes at a constant elevation (86.42).

Trying this gives a dialog


and the expectation on my side for constant elevations, but results are


0 + 86.42 = 212 is a surprise. But it might very well be a misunderstanding on my side



Pål Herman/pH 






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..and the expectation on my side for constant elevations of 86.42 meters.. (what happens is I get existing elevation 125 + 86) 

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@LikaLoechler workaround is to use "Flight Data > Export GPS" to a CSV. Change altitudes (in a spreadsheet or a Python script) and save results to a csv, then import the corrected data via Flight Data > GPS Source > Import . Corrected CSV file could look like

DJI_0001.JPG,21.09.2021 09:46:23,C:\temp\DJI_0001.JPG,59.897831777777775,10.608416499999999,86.42

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