Fonts for Defense Mapping

09-21-2015 10:38 AM

Fonts for Defense Mapping

See the attached document for a list of third-party fonts required to produce map products such as JOG and TM.  These fonts are required or recommended by the map product specifications.

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Fonts Purchase Info for Defense Mapping

Listed below are the twelve required Zurich BitStream (BT) Fonts.

The Zurich fonts are available here:

Each font is currently sold individually for $29 USD, including 5 desktop licenses, or $52 USD, including
10 desktop licenses.

  • Zurich BT
  • Zurich Italic BT
  • Zurich Bold BT
  • Zurich Bold Italic BT
  • Zurich Condensed BT
  • Zurich Condensed Italic BT
  • Zurich Bold Condensed BT
  • Zurich Bold Condensed Italic BT
  • Zurich Light BT
  • Zurich Light Italic BT
  • Zurich Light Condensed BT
  • Zurich Light Condensed Italic BT

These Zurich fonts should be added to computer's Window's font folder (Start > Control Panel > Fonts).

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