Data Reviewer for Server? How to use it?

08-14-2015 12:31 PM
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I've gotten Data Reviewer for Server 10.3.1 installed and working successfully, but the ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server Concepts is a little sparse on how to use it. From Introducing ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Server… | ArcGIS Blog I see I can access the reviewer workspace and run batch jobs, but how to I connect Desktop Data Reviewer to this server extension? I'm pretty familiar with Data Reviewer on Desktop, not seeing how using the Server Extension improved  my workflow. ArcGIS Data Reviewer Apps mentions Report and Dashboard Widgets, but, alas, only in Flex. Installing anything related to Flex is a fireable offence is most IT shops these days, given the massive security holes in Flex. Are there any Java DR Widgets? Where does one get them? How can I connect and reviewer a feature service to this data reviewer server? Any examples out there on how this works? Thanks!

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Hey Thomas,

Here are some resources that you might find useful in learning more about the capabilities provided in Data Reviewer for Server extension:


Data Reviewer capabilities are integrated in the 3.14 release of ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Here you can find documentation and code samples for integrating Data Reviewer's capabilities into custom applications.

Configurable widgets (Dashboard, report feature) for the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) are due for release to GitHub in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye-out for an announcement here on GeoNet when they are available.

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