Custom Fields in Data Reviewer for ArcGIS Pro

07-11-2021 12:30 PM
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In ArcGIS Desktop, Data Reviewer supports custom (user-defined) fields. This isn't currently available in Pro. 

We find additional custom fields extremely helpful when reviewing and correcting errors since features are only identified by Object ID in the Reviewer Results table. It can be difficult to tell them apart, sort, or group them. We've added things like Street Name and Street Type (for our parcel, address, and street data). This helps us in several ways including - it's easier to work with more recognizable information and allows us to locate and work with features in the same area since they often suffer from the same errors and can be corrected as one group instead of one at a time.

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@LisaBrimhall1Thanks for the feedback!

Quick question: Are you suggesting that you would like to see custom fields added to Attribute (validation) rule workflows or Reviewer Batch Job workflows?

Thanks in advance for the clarification.


Hi Jay,

That's a good question. We are in the middle of migrating from ArcGIS Desktop to Pro and currently still use Review Batch Job workflows since all the checks we need haven't been migrated to Attribute Rules yet. I would say we'd like them in both locations, but I realize batch jobs are probably going away so having them in our ultimate destination - Attribute rule workflows would be great.

Thanks! Lisa

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