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Join Us Virtually at the Esri UC 2020!

07-13-2020 12:00 PM
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The 2020 Esri User Conference has many sessions on the ArcGIS Open Platform. We want to make it easy for you to work successfully in a heterogeneous environment. To create an open and interoperable system, Esri has adopted a multifaceted approach, including support of: standards; direct integrations with non-GIS technology; direct read & write of hundreds of data formats; open developers’ tools; ETL tools; metadata; open source; open data sharing; and SDI.

Please visit us at the

Open Platform: Standards and Interoperability Esri Expo Area

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Links will require conference registration until made public.  Not registered? Click here to register for the Esri UC 2020, July 13–16, 2020 | The world’s largest, virtual GIS event.


Check out these sessions at the Virtual UC:

Live Session

 Live Session with Q&A!

Tue 2:50 pm –
3:50 pm PDT

ArcGIS: An Open Platform

UC Expo

Technical Workshops


ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension: An Introduction


Understanding and Using Metadata in ArcGIS


Implementing Next-Generation SDI with ArcGIS


Esri Geoportal Server: An Introduction and What's New


Enterprise System Integrations with ArcGIS: Best Practices

UC Expo

Demo Theater Presentations


ArcGIS for INSPIRE: An Introduction


Working with OGC WMS and WMTS Services


Working with OGC WFS Services


Working with OGC WCS Services


Maritime Standards - Support in Esri's Nautical Products


Esri and Open Source

To learn more about Esri’s Open Platform approach and our next generation SDI work visit:

Stay Connected on GeoNet

Other Resources

Esri UC 2020 Q&A

The Esri UC 2020 Q&A is chalk full of what you want to know. To learn more details on our Open Platform approach, start with ‘Components of ArcGIS – Open/Standards/Interoperability/ Metadata’.

User Conference




Components of ArcGIS – ArcGIS Pro

Components of ArcGIS – ArcGIS Enterprise

Components of ArcGIS – ArcGIS for Developers

Capabilities of ArcGIS – Spatial Analysis and Data Science

Capabilities of ArcGIS – Imagery and Remote Sensing

Capabilities of ArcGIS – 3D Visualization and Analytics

Capabilities of ArcGIS – Data Management

Capabilities of ArcGIS – AEC and Asset Management?


Prepared with the assistance of my colleagues jfoust-esristaff and jsaligoe-esristaff