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I generate Item Description-compatible ISO19115 xml files that are delivered with raster products.  I would like to include a thumbnail that will be displayed when the user opens the Item Description for the product, but have not been able to generate a binary string that matches the ArcGIS-generated binary format for the thumbnail image in the… (Show more)
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I have this love/hate relationship with ESRI metadata. I like the fact that the metadata lives with the dataset and travels with it. It's great for those of us who are familiar with the various datasets that our organization creates/uses, but what I really need is to be able to extract metadata information from multiple datasets to create a "get… (Show more)
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I'm confused on how to handle metadata in Pro so it can be exported to .xml and then used to populate an item in Portal.   I'm using ArcGIS Pro v2.4.2 and Portal for ArcGIS v10.7.1, where we have metadata enabled and the style set to North American Profile of ISO19115 2003. In ArcGIS Pro v2.4.2, in Options > Metadata I have the Metadata style… (Show more)
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Hello Everyone!   I am new to using metadata and I want to know the best workflow when it comes to importing a metadata template into a data set that I've created.    Our office is starting to use metadata more frequently, and we have a template file with all of our company's contacts, use limitations, legal constraints, etc. Some metadata that… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have a script that follows the description provided here:  How To: Delete geoprocessing history from a geodatabase and created my own function that deletes the gp history for tables.  It runs just fine, except on a few tables, I get an error at the point that imports the converted XML file.   If you are familiar with gp history in metadata, the… (Show more)
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I've entered 8 process steps under Lineage, and there are no errors listed at the top anymore, but Lineage still has the Red X next to it. Fields is showing the error "at least one type of attribute domain is required" and there is at least one under each field, so I'm not sure why they are still showing red x's. Any recommendations would be… (Show more)
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From the 2019 UC Q&A - reposting here for wider distribution   Standards-compliant metadata is already supported for items throughout the ArcGIS platform for viewing and editing in ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise. Support for more recent updates to the ISO 19115 standard (-1/2/3) are under development.   ArcGIS Online… (Show more)
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I have a chemistry spreadsheet of analytes and exceedances for certain locations such as landfill or contaminated land sites. Most maps I create have between 5-20 points showing a couple of exceedances, ie a 3x4 table. Currently I spend a lot of time manipulating the spreadsheet before copy and pasting from excel directly into aecmap. Is there… (Show more)
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So I've been working on a large data consolidation project for my agency to aid in a new project.   A general workflow may be, find a data layer in an existing file geodatabase or .sde or online   add that data to a map, copy it, make changes to that data and copy it once more into a different file geodatabase   I will add the final dataset to… (Show more)
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