Zoom to pre-defined map extent on opening a dashboard?

10-18-2021 11:01 AM
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I'm trying to use one web map to drive several dashboards. Each of the dashboards is built around a different geographic area. I created bookmarks in the web map, and I can navigate to them in the dashboard, but I'd like to get the map to open to the appropriate area when opening the dashboard. 

Is there a way to get the map to open to a pre-set extent or bookmark within the dashboards?

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I couldn't find an option to set initial map extent in ArcGIS Dashboard. Maybe use of separate webmaps is the only solution at this point.

One can do it in Experience Builder though. Map widget—ArcGIS Experience Builder | Documentation

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I couldn't find another way to do this either except for @JayantaPoddar's fix of using multiple webmaps. ESRI documentation for multiple extents in a single dashboard explicitly state that 

re-opening the dashboard does not preserve the selected bookmarks. The map window shows the default map extent of the embedded web map. Click the bookmarks manually to view each map extent in each map window. It is not possible to automate the process.

Requiring multiple webmaps to achieve multiple extents is a very unsatisfactory solution; ongoing maintenance to a single webmap driving different dashboards or multiple extents within a single dashboard would be much more scalable than applying identical updates to multiple maps to accomplish this. @LLCCG's request is not at all unreasonable or unique, and adding the ability for a developer to define a custom extent of maps' display in different dashboards would cut down on unnecessary extra storage and maintenance. Perhaps this belongs in the ArcGIS Ideas section of the ESRI forum?

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