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How to change map extent for map that appears in multiple apps?

09-07-2021 12:37 PM
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I am creating a series of dashboards that will be largely identical, but will be sent to different regional administrations. I will be copying the dashboards so there is 1 for each region. I want to set the dashboards to default to that regions geographic extent.

I want to avoid having to make a ton of copy's of all the maps that are present in the dashboard, and saving them to a new default extent. 

I see that you can copy the JSON of the dashboards to quickly transfer the dashboard configurations from the post 'How to duplicate an operations dashboard' at this link Solved: How to duplicate an operations dashboard - Esri Community

My issue now is that I need to alter the maps that run on the dashboard so that they open up to this new regions extent. How do I do that? In the map settings WITHIN the dashboard I dont see an option to change the extent. If I add bookmarks to the original maps, can I access those as guides to setting the defaults? 

My priority is to not have my users have to search for their area. They need to be able to open it up and be at their location, otherwise I would just direct them to use bookmark tools or even make just 1 large dashboard which they can all filter to find themselves. 

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