Would it be possible to group different selectors?

01-17-2018 05:42 PM
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I have an indicator that displays the number of requests in a time period that were closed within 2 days, plus a ratio. For example: "Last Quarter 75 Tickets out of 323 were completed in 2 days or less - 23.2%". At one point I had set up the left panel to allow the user to change the time period to last week or last month, etc. I was able to set an action that would change the value (75) and the reference (323) on the indicator but I was unable to include the ability to change the number of days (2). While I could set up a number selector in the left panel these selectors operate independently of each other.

I wondered if it is feasible to group different selectors.

My workaround was to create a series of indicators that would display these different time periods. In this case 2 days or less is what this user wants to see but if the user wants to see a different number of days I would have to reconfigure the element.

multitab indicator

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Hi Mike Onzay‌,

That is one great looking indicator. If I understand you correctly, I think you can use a Date Selector. You can define options for Last Week, Last Quarter, etc. and then add a filter action and target the indicator's Value and Reference. You can define time-based filters such as "is this week", "is within the last 24 hours", etc.

In the following screenshots I show an example of this. Please let me know if this is what you were looking for.

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Your solution is exactly what I was able to accomplish already before I created the multi-tab panel. However, my question was really about using two different selectors at the same time to allow the user to select from two different fields. In this case, the second field would be "Number of days to close". The multi-tab indicators have that field value hard-coded in. I set the first tab up and then duplicated it and just changed the time period to last month, last quarter, etc.

Even though I can set up a number selector that allows the user to choose a different  value, the selector operates independently of the category selector. That is why I thought if I could "group" the selectors they would operate together. Almost like a filter with an 'and' operator.

I should probably write this up in ArcGIS Ideas.