Feature enhancements in road map?

01-22-2018 11:31 AM
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Hi OD team -

I'm enjoying the new roll out and functionality. There is a lot to like about the new features but it falls a bit short in some areas. Below is a list of items I'm hoping may be in the roadmap... not looking for time-line but it would be great to know if they are under consideration or planned. Thank you.

1. Search Selector/element: we have some 250 properties to manage, the end-user will not enjoy scrolling through them to find a property. Instead, the user will want to type the property by ID, Name, or Address to find matching/like properties. Having an element search bar that can search, at minimum, on one layer (across multiple attributes) is required but ideally across multiple layers seems necessary. Perhaps adding a "Search Bar" to the Category Selector > preferred Display Type is a first step. This feature would be similar to the Search WAB widget.

2. Near Selector/element> the ability to filter elements based on distance from a single feature. Related to item 1 Search above, the ability to search for a feature and then apply a filter distance on all layers within x distance of searched feature, then see list view of features within distance (similar to Local Perspective configurable app) and export report of list.

3. Slack-like element > either extend List element or have an element specifically to manage comments/threads. We have a need to hear directly from the field crew/officers about activities they see or need to report. It would be helpful to have the   comments/threads from Crowdsource Reporter layer in a list view and have OD users respond, like/thumbs-up, and update priority/severity/completeness directly in OD.

4. Email notification > based on attributes (if a "severe" feature is submitted then manager or group of people can be notified), or based on time (at beginning of week "in the next 5 days" these activities will occur or "this list of activities is overdue from last week"), or based on indicator/gauge value threshold reached.

5. Reports > related to above... report as an element view and/or export table (tab/csv/xls) of features/info based on current filters or view. This would be helpful to identify jobs/tasks/activities not yet complete. If 50 hydrants remain to be serviced, then having those 50 in a report view/table. Also, to generate report for email notification as mentioned in item 3 above.

6. Move header elements up/down, not just left/right. I'd like to stack some of the header elements or use the dropdown menu to store items.

7. Are there any plans to make OD phone friendly? Or is the intention for desktop/tablet use only?

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