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Web Map Labels don't show in updated dashboard

03-16-2022 07:12 AM
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We recently updated to Portal 10.9 and now have the new ArcGIS Dashboard. One of the maps in one of my dashboards does not show labels any more. There are labels, and you see them in the map viewer and also if you load the web map into the dashboard as embedded content, but they do not show if you load the  map in directly.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?

Thank you,

Randy McGregor

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good morning,

the same thing has happened to me, the webmap tags don't appear in the dashboard.

the solution I have found is to select the element with a fairly large scale, in my case 1:600000.
Once it is selected for the first time, it works again as before the update.

I hope this helps

Javier C. Martinez Prieto
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Thanks for the information. Actually, I noticed that the layer was a multipoint. I overwrote the feature as a 'point' and then the labels showed up. I don't remember having this issue with multipoints before.

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