Using percentages as threshold in Indicator and Gauge

04-19-2018 10:41 AM
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I am having trouble using the Indicator - well, most of the data-driven elements when wanting to use a certain percentage of....  Heck, I have trouble even describing it.

This is in Portal at 10.6:

I have a map service that contains a test grid, basically squares that cover Pennsylvania.  Each grid square has a value for County (County Name that the grid square falls mostly in) and a value for Result (Pass, Fail).  I need to create an Indicator or Gauge that shows the Percentage of Passes in GREEN if >= 95% of the total number of tests are 'Pass', and the same in RED if < 95% of the total number of tests are 'Fail'.  I don't really need count numbers.  I will then let a category selector filter the element for either specific counties or "ALL" counties.

Has anyone accomplished this type of configuration?  I feel that these are probably not the tools I'm looking for, or the data format i'm looking for! 



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