Using excel tables for a dashboard

08-29-2020 07:14 PM
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I am trying to build a dashboard using excel data.

I have brought the table into AGOL as a table and it created a feature service.

I am unable to build a serial chart, I think, because the data is not recognized as numbers in AGOL even though it is numerical in Excel.

Am I missing a step or importing it incorrectly?

Any ideas??

Don Maxwell

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Hi Don,

I have tried using this method and I was able to create the serial charts, I suggest you may check the data type for the fields that you want to create the serial charts for if its integer. Alternatively, you can create a new field, and you Arcade expression to convert the data to integer and copy it to the new field. If there are updates for the feature layer then you may add in a custom expression for the layer in the web map which can calculate the data dynamically.

Example: ArcGIS Dashboards 

Will you be able to share a sample of your dataset for testing at my end??



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