Filter point features in an operational layer based on a related non-spatial table in Operational Dashboard

05-29-2019 01:56 AM
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Hi everyone, I've created an Operational Dashboard which contains an operational layer containing point features and one related non-spatial table which is related to the layer through an 1-M relation based on an Unique_ID field. I have created a Serial Chart presenting data from the related non-spatial table. I need to filter point features from the operational layer in the web map by clicking the Serial Chart values. Is there any possibility to do it?

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I have the same issue, and so far I don't see a way to easily filter the points in the map this way. The closest I've got going myself is to have the chart filter a list widget of the related data, and allow that list to filter (via multiple select) the map. Unfortunately, this is a hassle with small data sets, and completely unworkable with large ones.

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This can work, however you need to add another step the process.  If you data is all hosted in ArcGIS Online, then through the Analysis function, Summarize Data, then chose to Join the Data.  Since your data is related choose the fields options and 1-m as the option.  The last step is to save it as a feature layer (bottom check box) so that as the data is updated this view is also updated in real time. Use this byproduct join layer in the dashboard to build all of you filters on for your graphs, charts, side bar, etc.  The only thing that does work would be a spatial filter via the map using a polygon layer to update charts and indicators.  This is apparently a limitation which I'm trying to find a work around to.  If you have everything stored in your corporate GIS then does the spatial views on your database to flatten out the data, you can then publish the data to ArcGIS online for use with the dashboards and try this same setup again but using your published data as this may work.  Good luck.