Using Dashboards to monitor Workforce projects

10-14-2021 03:33 PM
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We have recently undertaken a project to verify the locations of nearly 27 000 ambiguous or multi-unit address locations on our registered voter rolls. We are using Workforce to dispatch crews out to each of these locations, and Field Apps to collect the correct address & unit information at each of these sites.

The project coordinators have requested a high-level dashboard that shows how many locations have been inspected by each crew, the number of locations of each type currently assigned to each crew, etc.

This seemed simple enough, until I realized that in the new Workforce, the worker id and assignment type fields are both GUIDs, and Dashboards don’t support using GUID fields in charts!!

How much work has been done and what types of work are basic metrics that I imagine most Workforce organizers will need to visualize at some point.

Yes, I can write a script to translate these GUID values to strings and yes I can use Windows Task Scheduler to run it every 5 mins for the next year so that the project managers feel like they are getting ‘live’ updates, but this seems like a major hassle just to get 2 core pieces of Esri technology to talk to one another.

Are there any plans to make Dashboards and Workforce projects play nicely with one another?

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