URL parameter to filter embedded sharepoint folders or do not use alias

01-14-2022 04:08 AM
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Hi, I update this from my findings, I think I've created everything a bit better, but theres still something missing in my understanding


I can now find first part of my folder something like


I add the test as an URL parameter,

and in my embeded content I add


But trying to go to the next level e.g. 





If I replace the link I've set in the URL of the embedded content with the names of my folder structure it works..


Hi, I have a setup in the old classic operation dashboard. The feature service are containing an URL to a sharepoint path. The embedded Content are using that URL. I then have a list with an action on, to filter out the embedded content to match the selected feature. 

Unfortunately, Dashboard can't use a select function in URL parameters. The it would be easy just to have it select from the list, and then the embedded content would just update. Since that's not possible I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to get it to work in another way.

It feels silly to filter everything out to only show a single feature for all of the widgets, but I still need to select from the list to update the embedded content.

I actually think that this would work, since the path to the sharepoint folder is a combination of multiple fields in the feature class. But, the Operaion dashboard seems to add the Alias and not the field name, when I use {attribute}, and my folders on the sharepoint are created from the field name.

The full setup is that the folder structure are create with power Automate and survey123. Survey123 are only able to add the field name as the output for the folder creation. A bit sad, but that's how it is. However Dashboard are only able to use the alias, as I see it. So there is a mishmash here, that I don't know how to solve.

This is an issue when you have a list to choose from in Survey123, where it takes the field name in Power Automate, but the Alias in the feature service, which make sense for the feature service..

Thanks for any inputs.


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Think I found a solution, using jr:choice-name(choice, 'question') in the survey, should bring me the labels from Power Automate.

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