Trouble Using Related Tables Within Operations Dashboard/Survey123

11-13-2018 08:11 AM
New Contributor II

I am creating an emergency shelter intake/capacity application using survey123 for the intake side and operations dashboard to view the information. I set up a feature class with a related table within survey123 connect using 'begin repeat' as the type. My feature class has the locations of the shelters as points with names of the shelters within the attributes. The related table contains the population information as they are logged into the shelter (name, address,medical needs,etc). Within Operations Dashboard I would like to create a list to view the people being logged into the shelter and which shelter they are being logged in to. Currently when I create a list I can only view information from one table or the other, not from from both. Is there a way to relate these tables to be able to use the information from both within Operations Dashboard? 


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