Sum with new variable in indicator widget

07-17-2022 03:59 PM
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Hi there,

I want to display Hectares multiplied by varied factors across an entire feature layer.

My original plan was to use calculated expressions to get Hectares, however we've found a bug. This has now been logged with ESRI.

I need to run the Hectares calculation in Dashboards now, and also get the total Hectares times varied factor as an indicator. The factor varies by polygon type.

This is my current expression for calculating for one polygon.

var NewFactorHa = Round($datapoint["Shape__Area"]/10000*$datapoint["Factor"],2)

I need to add up all the NewFactorHas though. How do I do that? Sum(values, fieldName)? Or is there a way to do this through the Data section using value and reference?

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