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08-09-2021 08:21 AM
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I am looking for any insight or assistance on trying to show axis/category labels for every category in a serial chart within an Operations Dashboard. Currently, I have a dataset that uses a column to group records by specific values (age range; 0-19, 20-29, 30-39,etc). When entering this data into a serial chart and using the "Group Values" option in the "Data" tab, I am unable to get every category in the column to appear/be labeled in the serial chart. Specifically I am finding this occurs when there are 0 (zero) entries or records that have this value. I have tried using the "+ Override" and "Load Categories" option in the "Category axis" tab, but this does not resolve this issue. I believe this is occurring due to the value I need labeled not occurring the dataset (zero records with that specific value). I also have a "Filter" being used on this chart, although I am not sure if this would have any effect on the ability to have all labels visible on the serial chart.

What I need is for regardless of the number of records with these values, for the labels to be displayed on the serial chart. Is there an option within the serial chart to allow for this functionality?

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For anyone that is having a similar problem, I have found a minor workaround utilizing ArcGIS Arcade. As an FYI, this workaround builds a new table/featureset in Arcade and will remove any dynamic connectivity from the original data.

  1. Create a new serial chart
  2. Use the "Data expressions" section when choosing data
  3. Build a new data expression
  4. Access original data layer using "FeatureSetByPortalItem" function
  5. Use "Filter" function to find records that match specific category criteria
  6. Use "Count" function to create integer variable to count instances of records from step 5
  7. Build JSON string of a blank featureset using the name of the categories and the count of records from step 6 to populate the JSON string.
  8. Use JSON string from step 7 to create a new featureset using "FeatureSet" function
  9. Build serial using new featureset

See attached images/code for the Arcade Expression and the configuration of the serial chart