Problem with unwanted selection in map that I can't seem to turn off

05-13-2021 03:22 PM
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I have built a fairly simple Dashboard using a polygon layer to show watersheds with springs.  I have created several sliders in my sidebar to filter according to characteristics of the watershed (land uses, threats, etc.).  I created the filters and connected them to the indicators and the map.  At some point, I lost many of the watersheds at some point in the map and I can't seem to get them back.  I copied the dashboard so that I could try to play with the filters, deleting and disconnecting their actions to the map, to try to figure out where the problem came in.  Deleting one at a time doesn't bring the polygons back.  If I delete all of them, the polygons come back, regardless of the order that I delete them.  They only reappear when the last filter is gone.  

I would like to avoid starting from scratch, but starting to look like I may have to.  Unless anyone has some suggestions!

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