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Ops Dashboard Indicator - Quota - Remaining countdown

07-24-2019 05:19 PM
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Hello - I am using an operations dashboard connected to a survey123 form to countdown collection of an item - lets call it a quota. Everytime a new item is collected, the remaining quota is shown on the dash as 'remaining' number of items.

In the middle text under the indicator options I have 

   Remaining: {absoluteDifference} ....which is the |Value - Reference|

It needs to be shown as a positive number hence the absolute - as it is positive number of things still to get.

If the value is less than the difference, then it shows the number remaining to reach the quota. Good. However a problem arises if the number collected (value) surpasses the quota (reference). If the field worker collected three over quota it needs to alert that a quota has been breached e.g. -(3)

Conditional formatting does not work as it is set as going below a reference number, rather than going above. 

What I actually need is that formula to be {Reference - Value} - is this a functionality available or is there a workaround? Then I could do away with 'absolute' and would not require conditional formatting.

Thanks - JenS

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EDIT: Similarly with the gauges - once you get to 100%, if you go over say by 3 it stays at 100% not 103%.

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