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12-06-2015 03:56 AM
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I have a feature service published from an sde using ArcGIS for server 10.3, i used this service to add in a web map from an ArcGIS Online organization account, and then using that web map for an operation view using operations dashboard.

In this service with which i want to edit data, i don't have any entry.

In the operations dashboard when i create an operations view and add a summary widget, i select the field from which i want to have informations and select the operation for Sum, withouth having any data the widget returns a value, which reprezents the field number...

Has anyone encounter this type of problem?

Are there any solution?

Did I do something wrong when i published my data?

Thank you

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Hi Mihai, if you are still having this problem could you please post a screenshot showing the configuration of the Summary Widget and the result that you see?



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Redacted Screen capture of Operations Dashboard Summary Widget Setup

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