Operations Dashboard in browser will not load completely

08-28-2014 10:02 AM
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I have an operations dashboard I am trying to troubleshoot, I have some local security issues loading it with the windows app and I am trying, at the moment, to open it in a browser. I am using Firefox and Firebug to dedug.

So the page begins to load, the basemap displays, then the page just sits there. In firebug it freezes

at the line:

GET LabelLayer.js  404 Not Found

So the url that appears if you hover over this line is:


Anyone have an idea what it is looking for in LabelLayer.js that it can't find?

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If you download and install a free copy of Fiddler to capture and visualize all the traffic between the browser and the server that should give you additional information on exactly what is going on. http://www.telerik.com/fiddler

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Hi Keith,

The problem you ran into happens when you have labeling turned on on layers you use as data sources. The Dashboard team has rolled out a new version of the browser Dashboard yesterday, one of the bug fixes is to load the label layer correctly. If you open the view again, it should get opened correctly and the labels should show (You might want to clear your browser cache to make sure you have the latest browser Dashboard opened).

Please let me know if that helps,


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