Operations Dashboard for XP / IOS ?

01-22-2013 11:56 AM
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Are there any plans to make the Operation Views hosted on ArcGIS online published via a browser?  If not will there be a XP version of Operations dashboard or how about a IOS Client that can consume operational views?

My organization is currently stuck in windows XP and as of yet I have not heard anything regarding a change in OS.  I have access to one laptop with windows 7 and found the operation dashboard easy to use. I was able  to set up a dashboard to show our snow removal progress very quickly from existing web maps.  The limitation is I can't publish it to anyone.

Andrew Wolff

Asset Management GIS Technologist
Transportation & Agricultural Services
Strathcona County
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Hi Andrew-

At this time we don't have any plans to extend support for the Operations Dashboard to Windows XP.  We are continuing to evaluate other platforms including iOS.  For the folks who would be using iOS devices, would they be using an iPad or an iPhone?  What role in the organization would the folks using these devices play?

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Currently we are developing ArcGIS online web maps and feature services to replace a paper map and highlighter method of tracking which roads have been cleared of snow in our community.  We have deployed iPad to some of our operations people who update the data through the iOS ArcGIS app.  Our management team all have iPads and have been viewing the progress of the snow clearing through their own web maps on the iOS app.. The dash boarding application would be deployed to those directing the work and management possibly as high as elected officials. Potentially less complex dashboards could even be published to the public if possible to embed it in a website.

I'm sure all of this is possible if we bring in a web developer to create a web application that can include the widgets, but the idea  where someone like myself with no web authoring experience can quickly and simply make enhanced reporting tool like a dashboard and publish it without going through a developer would be beneficial.
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