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Operations Dashboard - Filtering Strings, Map & Details Tools

04-11-2019 03:08 PM
New Contributor

Hi there, got a few questions re dashboards:

Dashboard Details tool - is there a way to filter which fields are displayed in this tool? E.g. It's feeding off an attribute table with 10 fields, but I only want to display say 5?

Alternatively, are there any methods to show a particular string field in dashboards? I currently have an interactive filter which updates charts and numeric figures no problem, but I cannot find an option that applies the filtering to a string/text field. Does such a function exist in the dashboard environment?

Dashboard Map tool - is there a way to add a measure tool? Just like you can do with a web app to create a polyline/polygon and return its measurements. Also, is there any way to change the units for the scale bar/ruler on the bottom left corner (it defaults to imperial)?


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New Contributor II

I am having the same problem.  Have you found a way to filter which fields are displayed?  Thanks!


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