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05-11-2020 07:19 AM
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I have two List elements in my dashboard (they use the same layer).

I want to have the following behavior:

when I click on an item in one of the lists, then any selection on the other list should be "canceled" (or unclicked, so nothing is selected on the other list).

How can I do that?

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Hi Tal,

> I want to have the following behavior: when I click on an item in one of the lists, then any selection on the other list should be "canceled" (or unclicked, so nothing is selected on the other list).

Unfortunately, this is not how actions work in dashboards. Actions are cumulative, so when you select an item in the first list, then select an item in the second list, the action behavior is: "selection 1" and "selection 2"  to yield a result.

You will have to deselect the item in the first list manually (or select "none") to clear it's selection.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Derek Law,

I understand this behavior but as Tal described there should be a natural behavior between lists when they are in a Parent - Child relationship (1,2,3,4 - 4,3,2,1) such that selecting and deselecting a Parent List Item can control the Child List it is connected to and vice versa... here's an example...

List One - A Master Project List for Capital Improvement Panning Projects

List Two - A List of all the Sub-Projects for a given set of Sub-Projects such as Stormwater, Detention Ponds, Channels, Culverts, Bridges, etc.

The current Actions work well in being able to have List One control "Filter" List Two where a Master Project is selected in List One and List Two for Bridges only shows the Bridge Sub-Projects that are associated with that Master Project.

From there, an end-user can select one of the specific Bridge Sub-Projects from List Two and have that produce additional effects BUT what needs to happen is IF you Delselect the Master Project it should also Delselect all of the Bridge Sub-Projects in List Two and List Three if there is another Child List attached to List Two in another Parent - Child fashion...

This works backwards to some extent where I can select and deselect an Item in List Two and Control List One so that it only shows the Master Project that is the Parent of that Item in List Two...

Because of this, you should be able to have control across Lists even if there is no formal GlobalID / ParentID link between List One and List Three BUT because List Two can be and is an intermediary "communicator" between the two Actions "should be" able to traverse set of Lists...

 1 controls 2 and 2 controls 3 and 3 controls 4 but because they are related through and intermediary any one of these should be able to Action the others... 😉

The advent of being able to set a Spatial link instead of using the GlobalID/ParentID (or your own linking schema) is somewhat of a way to do list but it doesn't allow Actions communications to traverse LIst is such a fashion BUT it should. This is a standard Listener/Messenger type of functionality.

If this were configured properly you would be able to Select an Item from List One which would then control List Two and since List Two can control List Three (and so on) you could load all the appropriate records for each list in any direction... including selecting an Item from List Three and walking but up the List Tree (so to speak) to control List Two and in turn List One because One and Two are connected and Two and Three are connected so List Two operates as the message director between the two unrelated Lists.

Also, there should be a way to have a Second, Third, or subsequent List be empty until the List it is connected to has one or more Items Selected. 

In short, Lists are awesome UI's but there are a few capabilities missing that hopefully will be fixed in the new upcoming Beta Dashboard.

Thanks Derek!


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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your detailed feedback and enhancement requests for List element behavior. I have shared this with the https://community.esri.com/community/arcgis-dashboards-beta forum.


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