No Spatial Filter with Grouped Features

11-30-2021 01:07 PM
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I have a dashboard built in Portal and am trying to apply a simple filter using a category selector. I have a polygon feature service with a binary yes/no field and within the boundaries of each polygon record are several different feature service records which I would like to generate graphs or metrics off of in a dashboard. I have created a category selector which will select the polygon records with the yes or no value from my binary field, but then there is no option to spatially filter all the other data in my dashboard. Additionally, I cannot just hack it and add a new field to my other data to give them the yes or no value as this is tied to a field collection app and updated weekly. Should my answer to this requested filter just be sorry, can't do that?

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I tried to do so but never get the way of having multiple actions based on one action. 

but you might have a workaround by adding a new field to populate yes/no in the table!


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