nested serial chart with two string filters for dashboard (GroupBy to JoinLayerFieldsToTable)

01-16-2024 11:20 AM
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I have a somewhat similar request as @DaveBodak and would like some insight from @jcarlson from this post: here is my request below:

We have a dashboard that is looking at compost procurement for cities in Northern California. I was able to group the feature layer by jurisdiction and join with a jurisdiction table to show how much compost each jurisdiction has collected and how much more they need to collect (from table by jurisdiction):


In the top right we filter by serial chart and jurisdiction based on a shared string attribute. I can filter by Novato and the chart changes based on this shared attribute 'Jurisdiction' and 'Name'.




We also have an additional filter by Agency Ownership Level (string). We'd like to create a nested serial chart (if possible) where we can filter by jurisdiction and/or agency ownership level. How could I do this with my current data expression below. The text string attribute for Agency Ownership Level is 'AGNCY_LEV'. We were successful in creating a Serial Chart with GroupBy 'Jurisdiction'. Is it possible to have a nested serial chart with two string filters (two separate columns). For example, if we filter by Novato, can we then filter by City agency level to show what those numbers are in the same serial chart? 

Source code below: 


// Write an expression that returns a FeatureSet.
// Documentation:
// Samples:

var portal = Portal("");
var polyFs = FeatureSetByPortalItem(portal,"1112f6fa268c48948093050fe0fc0c44",0,["*"],true);

var tablefs = FeatureSetByPortalItem(portal, "1093d97dbe43474b96d09b701d9672a1", 1,["Jurisdiction","Population","ProcurementTarget","uniqueID"],false);
// return(tablefs)

// create grouped table variable
var polyGroup = GroupBy(polyFs,
[{name:'SumPotentialCompTons', expression: "PotentialCompTons", statistic: 'SUM'},
{name:'SumPotentialMulchTons', expression: "PotentialMulchTons", statistic: 'SUM'},
{name:'SumPotentialROWPTons', expression: "TotPotentialROWPTons", statistic: 'SUM'}]);

// create empty features
var features = [];
var feat;

// populate feature array
for (var t in tablefs){
  var tableID = t["Jurisdiction"]
  for (var p in Filter(polyGroup, "Jurisdiction = @tableID")){
    feat = {
      attributes: {
        FeatureID: tableID,
        Name: p["Jurisdiction"],
        PotCompTons: p["SumPotentialCompTons"],
        PotMulchTons: p["SumPotentialMulchTons"],
        PotROWPTons: p["SumPotentialROWPTons"],
        Population: t["Population"],
        ProcurementTarget: t["ProcurementTarget"],
        TargetRemaining: Round((t["ProcurementTarget"] - p["SumPotentialROWPTons"]),2),


var joinedDict = {
  fields: [
    { name: "FeatureID", type: "esriFieldTypeInteger" },
    { name: "Name", type: "esriFieldTypeString" },
    { name: "PotCompTons", type: "esriFieldTypeDouble" },
    { name: "PotMulchTons", type: "esriFieldTypeDouble" },
    { name: "PotROWPTons", type: "esriFieldTypeDouble" },
    { name: "Population", type: "esriFieldTypeInteger" },
    { name: "ProcurementTarget", type: "esriFieldTypeDouble" },
    { name: "TargetRemaining", type: "esriFieldTypeDouble" },
  'geometryType': '',

// return dict as feature set
return FeatureSet(joinedDict);


Thanks for any help! Let me know if you need any clarifications or additional information


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Filtering by additional fields wouldn't be that hard, but when you say "nested", do you mean to have your serial chart group your values by another field?

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Hi Josh,

Maybe nested isn't the right terminology. We would just want a Jurisdiction (Jurisdiction) to filter by their city then be able to see metrics based on who owns particular land (AGNCY_LEV).

Essentially, when a jurisdiction for this project filters by their city in the top right, they may (in theory) want to then filter by ownership type 'AGNCY_LEV'. So, the bar chart would first filter based on the 'Jurisdiction' then if a City clicked a particular AGNCY_LEV, the bar chart would update. 

We would want the serial chart to be able to be filtered by two strings ('Jurisdiction' AND/OR 'AGNCY_LEV').

- Chris

sorry @jcarlson for the typo! meant Josh* not John. would appreciate any of your knowledge and insight on this serial chart expression

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