Multiple Selection Category Selector Background Colour

04-15-2021 08:56 AM
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Hello - 

With the newest update to Dashboards, I was wondering if there are ways to change either the text or the background colour of when multiple selections is on for category selector - dropdown display type. In the classic version of  Dashboards, the display type for dropdown was filled in white, and if multiple selections are active the text becomes black by default and background changes to gray (see below from an example of a dashboard I created last year).



In the newest update, if a user selects multiple categories from the drop down, the default is the text colour I have for the entire dashboard, and the background colour defaults to white (see below from the update on my dashboard).


I tried playing around with the JSON of the dashboard but cannot seem to override this style. Any help is appreciated.

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Try changing the dashboard theme to dark. You may need to adjust some of the other color settings, such as the dashboard background color, to match or complement your custom colors you have selected for the side panel and other elements.  

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