Multiple option on category selector defaults to ALL

07-28-2020 06:56 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a category selector in a dashboard that allows users to select multiple values. It feeds a chart. I selected the "None" option, hoping that that would simply result in the chart being blank until someone selects one or more values.

What happens is the opposite - ALL values are charted, which is never desirable and causes the dashboard to be very slow to load.

Nothing is selected:

The chart did not get the message:

When I have the "single" option selected, the first value is what is charted by default and that is fine. Draws fast and the user can change it easily.

Is it possible to have no values selected with the "multiple" option, or to at least have the selector default to a single value?

Thank you,

Randy McGregor

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Also looking to do this. I appreciate the Single selection mode allowing me to set a default value filter, but I cannot do this with Multiple. Ideally I want to set the default value to select 2 out of 5 values on launch. I don't see a difference in this functionality in the Dashboard (Beta).

by Anonymous User
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This is proving very frustrating, since you can't clear the selection by selecting "None." You do the opposite! Also, there is no way to prevent the selector from populating every value upon loading. The default always loads every value, whether you have a "None" option or not.

I create a category selector with a defined dummy value to use to prevent the chart from drawing so the user at least has a chance of stopping the charting when it tries to chart EVERY value when he thought he was selecting "none." 

"Pause Chart" is what happens when it tries to filter on the dummy value (resulting in no returned records). "Display Chart" is the label for the "None" option, because, as we know, in Dashboardese, "None" means "All"

I like the idea of a small subset begin shown to start, or even the first value.

I change the label for the "None" option to "All Records" because that is what is happening. It's a throwback to ArcMap , where no selection  and select all are the same thing when it comes to geoprocessing. If you have no selected records, all records are used in the geoprocessing, which is what you want in that situation. You don't want to select all every time you run a geoprocessing tool that you want to apply to all records. Here, it gets messy.

Also, dashboard desperately needs an easy way to turn off a filter, like in the filter widget in web app. If I have a list of a hundred items and I want to revert to showing all, I need to scroll up to the "Show All" (i.e, None) option.



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Agreed Randy, I always change "None" to "Show All" as well because that is what is happening. In my case, I ended up adding a field and calculating the values I was looking to group into a single value in order to set a group of values as the default. Messy, but it will work for now.

I like the wordage you used, "Pause Chart" and "Display Chart" -- a great use of Dashboardese and I will probably use that in the future!

Edit to add: I think you should submit this as an ArcGIS Idea. You have a more comprehensive use case and screenshots than I do, otherwise I would.

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I would like to do this too. I have a category filter with multiple selection mode. It has 4 values in it but I would like 3 of them to be select at launch and I don't seem to be able to ask it to do this. Do you know if this is planned for a future release? 

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We are looking to configure the same thing as Laura in our dashboards.  This would be a great enhancement to add.  Please advise if this feature is coming.

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For me, multiple select seems to be defaClick to showClick to showulting to "None" rather than all. My work-around was to rename 'None' as "Click to Show--->" with the 'Presentation mode' set to 'inline' rather than pulldown. 

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