Multiple data sources on Serial Charts or Override Category

01-02-2020 08:16 PM
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We have a requirement to survey pre-defined sites a certain number of times in a week. I have an Operations Dashboard trying to show compliance, however, if a site is not surveyed, there is no data, so it doesn't appear on the serial chart displaying record count per site (filter to current week) in the Dashboard.

What i would like to do is define the categories so every site displays - either through the hosted feature that contains all the sites (multiple data sources option), or by adding all the sites with the 'override' option. This way, if an inspection has not been carried out, I will see a gap in the chart and immediately know which site i need to send someone out to inspect. Mock-up below as an example.

I don't see an option to add an additional data source and when i added a site using 'Override' (e.g. by adding site 2a in this case) it still doesn't appear on the chart - presumably because there is no value... Or I'm doing it wrong!

Is this currently possible? Or does anyone have any better suggestions? I also use indicators, but again, they can be misleading. For example, if a site is visited one extra time, and another site is visited one less time, we could appear to have 100% compliance without actually being 100% compliant. At least with the Serial Chart I can see if a site has been visited more times than required.



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