Maps in dashboards don't center consistently in same place - any advice/solutions much appreciated!

01-15-2021 06:50 AM
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Hi.  A conundrum where we've run out of solutions to an apparent software bug.

We have a set of operations dashboards that we've embedded in the new StoryMap framework.  Several of these dashboards have a map in the dashboard.  Unsurprisingly, we want the map to center on our city.  Sometimes each map does, sometimes each map does not. 

This behavior is observed even when using Chrome and Firefox WITHOUT reloading the page.  The map might load correctly, centered in the city.  Then if you scroll far enough away from the maps in question, the page appears to reload the dashboard, and when you come back, the city is bleeding off the left side of the map.  We've dumped the browser cache in case that was playing a role, and saw no improvement.

There is a row of Dashboard elements above the map, and my gut says that for some reason the map is centering itself as if it were just in the left-hand row sometimes.  Which is a lovely diagnosis, but doesn't provide me a way to solve the problem.  And unfortunately the way the data lays out spatially for our needs, we really need that top row to be split to fit everything in the way we need it.  Even if the behavior was "wrong" but consistent, we could adjust.  But the behavior is inconsistent, so there's no obvious way to address it reliably.  So a conundrum. I've attached images.

a) This is a bug, no?  I'll report it upon confirmation. Any way around it directly?
b) Are there other ways (for example with URL parameters or the like) I could force the map to center on the city's boundary upon load?

I'm happy to provide a public url as well, except that we haven't officially launched, so I don't want Google to index this URL.  So I'll provide it, minus the last three characters.  To view the dashboard in question, just add the number "747" to the end of this link:

- Bob

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