Making analysis in Dashboard from Survey123 form

03-22-2022 04:04 AM
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I have a multiple choice question in my survey which including names. There are answers holding names. (ex.: 1st survey: Amy, John, Sam. 2nd: Lily, Brown, Sam and John). There is another question which says how many hours they work. (ex.: 1st survey:3 hours, 2nd: 5 hours..). I want to make an analysis for my Dashboard which shows how many hours people worked, but I cant do it individually. It makes analysis survey to survey so it says Amy, John and Sam worked 3 hours. But Sam and John worked 8 hours in total. I couldnt seperated the names, it works by given answers in the surveys. Can I make seperated analysis for each worker with Arcade or Expressions? Do you have a solution for this?

I am open to any suggestion.  

Thank you in advance!:)

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