Load Wdget locally for debugging.

09-11-2013 09:37 AM
Esri Contributor

I'am tring to load a widget created by "WPF Arcgis Runtime SDK template" in my sdk\operational bashboard using the switch "/addinpath"

the result is that my widget doesn't loaded locally for debugging
if i want to try my widget i must upload it only using arcgis online.


I do not know why but to me it does not work.

Any help is appreciate.

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Esri Contributor
Hi Max,

When trying to load your add-in locally, does it not show up at all in the Operations Dashboard app? E.g. when you hit Debug in Visual Studio, and the Operations Dashboard starts up, is the widget not listed in the Add Widget dialog?

There is a few troubleshooting tips for this problem here:

I normally found the most common problem was the path - e.g. the add-in project had moved locations. Second most common was accidental deletion of the required Export attributes. Post back if none of these help, or if you're unsure about the last tip (using Fuslogvw).
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