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11-16-2016 08:07 PM
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I'm relatively new to ops dashboard but one thing that has quickly hit me is its limitations. 

Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like you need to have your data already pre-processed in order for dashbosard to provide some useful stats. There is no % aggregator, I have to use a pie chart to get a %. If I do a custom query on a feature class and determine there are 101 records out of my 103 I have no way out putting out this % to the dashboard.

If i have a days calculated field in the data I can't turn that into a years figure unless I go back and calculate it in my feature class.

This is what I have found out so far, please correct me if i have wrong or missing something. This looks a bit like a teaser product at the moment.

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This help pretty well sums up its capabilities 

download link 

Help and related Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS | ArcGIS 

I suspect given its current status and the access to developer tools, it is an emerging... free... product

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Hi Alistair,

Not sure if you're using the current release of Operations Dashboard (as described in the help doc referenced above), but FYI: we are currently working on a new, next generation of the Operations Dashboard app. It is currently in beta testing.

I know we're working on improving the charting user experience to provide more capabilities and to make it easier to configure.

I encourage you to join the beta program and provide your specific feedback/input on what kind of user experience enhancements you would like to see, as we are in active development on the app now.

Hope this helps,