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05-21-2021 08:22 AM
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I have been receiving complaints from a number of users in our organization regarding the "Layer List" widget/button in the map viewer for an Operations Dashboard. Currently the "Layer List" widget/button uses an open eye and an eye with a cross through it to denote if a layer is on or off. Many users in my organization are complaining that it is difficult to distinguish the on/off eye symbols. I also feel it is difficult to distinguish when a layer is on or off in the layer list especially when there are many layers featured in the list. Is there a way to modify this symbol or to revert back to the old symbol which I believe was a checkbox?

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Hi @KevinPiraino2 , I checked at the dashboards I use and I can see why there would be some complaints or concern there. The slash through the eye to turn the layer off is quite small and unless you are paying attention to the map or indicator items as they show the layers as on or off it would certainly be difficult for some audiences. My suggestion would be to follow some of the standards relating to visual impairments for web design or simply off of your suggestion for the return of the checkbox. Hopefully you could choose between the eye and checkbox under the configuration like on other aspects of the dashboards platform. Working with public audiences myself this is a feature I would like to keep up with and am interested to see where it goes. Let me know if you find a solution or workaround until a change can be made.

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