(Layer Actions) Filtering Maps based on common attribute values/classes?

09-17-2021 04:47 PM
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I am trying to test and see if this can be accomplished in AGOL. I think using a Dashboard is more promising than a Web App, etc.

I would like to display 2 maps - US Counties and World Countries - and filter them both simultaneously. When I select a polygon that falls within a certain symbology class on one map, both maps should update to only show polygons whose values fall in the same class. For example, see Counties_Countries_Test_Map (attached). When one polygon with Value = 10 is selected, the maps should filter to show only polygons in the same class (i.e. Value = 7-10).

I think I can accomplish this by adding a "bin" or "class" attribute to these layers; to test the proof of concept, I am trying to filter on a dashboard using Layer Actions > When selection changes for: Map 1 > Filter Map 2 > Source Field = "Value"; Target Field = "Value" (see Layer_Actions - attached). When I select a polygon using this filter nothing happens on the maps. I have tested the same logic between a List (Source) and the Map (Target) and it works perfectly.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Thank you in advance!


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