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Is there a widget that sums features across all featurelayers in the map?

02-23-2016 09:22 AM
New Contributor

I have what I thought would be a simple requirement: sum up the features in the map across all featurelayers.

I see that I'm able to have a statistics widget that gives me a count for all features in a featureservice.

It would be great if there were a widget where I'd configure it with a list of featurelayers in the map and have it display a number reflecting the total across all those feature services.

If there is no such widget, is there a sample custom widget that might be a good starting point for development?


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Regular Contributor

Hi Nirav,

You can limit the results you get on the summary widget to the map extent if you didn't want all features. Jake Skinner​ posted a walk through on setting that up here: Limit Widget Results to Current Map Extent

But this will only work for one layer at a time.  You would need to use a custom built widget to get those results across all layers.