Is there a way to link the details element to a pie chart in Operations Dashboard

10-23-2020 05:38 PM
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I'm making a dynamic dashboard to show the subsistence resource harvesting data in remote Alaskan communities.  Each community has multiple years of data.  I have a selector drop down for each community in the state that uses a table named Community, another table named Details with various details such as the year, population size, number of households, and total harvested pounds and per capita harvested pounds.  The third table is called Harvest, and it has the community, year, and subsistence resource (fish, moose, plants, etc), total pounds and per capita pounds.  Each table can be linked to the others by a field combining the community code, year and project code that we called UCommID.  The selector uses the Community table, the Details table is used for a detail element.  When a community is selected using the selector, we can scroll through the details for each project that took place in that community.  Some communities have 1 project, some have 20, and you can scroll through each one like a book.  There's a corresponding pie chart for each project using the Harvest table.  The only problem is, I can't figure out a way to link the detail element to the pie chart element.  Right now I have the most recent year's data showing up in the pie chart for each community, but it is generating a lot of confusion by my coworkers.  Is there a way to change the pie chart as the user scrolls through the details element?

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