Is there a way to limit the data available in charts and indicators to the data shown on the map based on the map/hosted feature service's visibility range?

09-21-2020 09:15 AM
New Contributor

I have the map (and its corresponding feature layer) visibility range set to between country and county.  For security purposes, we do not want to see points past the county level.  I have an indicator to show the number of sampling points on the map and a chart that sums the number of samples collected by data type (see state level image). I have added a map action to filter the serial chart and the indicator when the map extent changes. If I zoom in closer than county (see zoomedIn image), no points are shown on the map which is what I would expect; however, the indicator and the serial chart are still have data showing.  This is confusing to the user.  Is there a way to prevent the chart and indicator from showing data if the map is zoomed in closer than county level?

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