Is there a way to embed an Operations Dashboard created on AGOL into a Sharepoint page?

01-03-2018 01:04 PM
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After the updates to Operations Dashboard in December I tried to build a dashboard (on AGOL) for tracking changes to a bunch of different datasets. Instead of using it to collect live data (eg snowplows) I used it to get a quick glance at the health of different datasets. 

I wanted to embed this Operations Dashboard into a sharepoint page but I have been unable to do so yet. I tried to embed it as 'Embed Code' and I just get an error with a link to reload. Nothing happens on reload. I have also tried to add it as a Page Viewer but I just get the word 'ERROR'.  The map and Operations Dashboard have been shared with everyone.

If you have any ideas on how to fix this issue let me know. 

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Hi Kevin, 

It might be that the ArcGIS URL needs to be added by an admin to a list of sites allowed by your organisation on SharePoint. If I try and add an Ops Dashboard to SharePoint, I get this error:

"Embedding content from this website isn't allowed, but your admin can change this setting. They will need to add '' to the list of sites that are allowed."

Allow or restrict the ability to embed content on SharePoint pages - SharePoint 


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Hi Kevin Satterberg,

In addition to the suggestion by Carmel (adding it to the list of sites allowed), you can try embedding the URL without your "orgname.maps.". If is a trusted site, it may accept the following dashboard URL:


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I am now a couple years later looking for this anwer. I was able to embed a dashboard in a modern sharepoint page and it worked until the last ESRI update December it redirects upon checking credentials and load my list of accessible maps (mine and shared). HELP!!! I don't know who to talk to resolve. I just lost loads of functional sharepoint pages to teach people about our data and servers. 

UPDATE: I found that I could go to dashboard beta and open the same dashboard and get an alternate url for viewing the loaded and did not redirect the first time I loaded the sharepoint page. Then my best guess is that it times out because the next time you go to the page there is not way to get it to load and the error is that ESRI is refusing the connection (despite still being logged in).  This is worse!