Indicator Widget Shows No Data Today When No Data Yesterday

04-01-2019 08:58 AM
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I have an indicator widget configured to calculate the total length of pipe cleaned today.

I also have a reference set to show the total length of pipe cleaned yesterday.

What I want to see is something like this:

except for the time frame "today" compared to "yesterday."

However, yesterday being Sunday, no pipes were cleaned.  My widget is displaying my 'No Data' text but I know that pipes were cleaned today.  If I change the statistic to count, the widget does what it is supposed to which is show me today's results compared to yesterday's.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?    

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Yes, me too. I have an indicator that uses current 30 days (from today) with a comparison reference (previous 30 day period (60 days ago) and when there is either no records in the current period or the reference period, I get "No data". I'm trying to figure out how to at least format the widget to say "None this period", or "None previous period". So far no luck. I suspect it can be done with advanced formatting in Arcade, but I am not very proficient in it. In the top pic you can see there are some business burglaries that occurred in the last 30 days, but in the bottom pic non in the previous it just says "No data". I have found this to be true regardless of which filter has no records. Would really love to figure out how to solve this.






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