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Indicator Widget Not Returning Correct Value

01-24-2022 06:53 AM
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We recently updated our Enterprise system to 10.9.1, and have noticed that indicator widgets are not always returning correct values.

I have double-checked that the layer in the web map has a refresh interval, and it does, which is set to 0.5 minutes.  The table in the web map shows correct data.  If I preview the table in the dashboard, the data is correct.  However, the indicator value is NOT correct.

Below is an example.  We have a table where I could use either the row count or max ID value to return the number of rows within the table.  In this example, the value should be 18.  The indicator widget does not seem to update though.  If I refresh the page, the correct value will show, but if we leave the page open, the indicator value never seems to change on it's own as it should.

There are more than one indicator widgets where this seems to occur in our dashboard.

Any reason why this would no longer seem to work in 10.9.1...?

The dataset within the web map is a feature layer published from ArcGIS Server, it is not versioned, and is not archived.

I have also noticed the issue with indicators seems to be specific when using "Statistic" as the Value Type.  If I use "Feature" as the Value Type, it seems to auto-refresh as expected.





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Same problem here.   We use a python script to routinely update the data but the indicators are not catching it.  And the statistic is what we need.

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Have you had any luck resolving this issue?  I am trying to create the first dashboard since updating to 10.9.1 and noticing this behavior as well.  


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It has been logged as a bug (BUG-000146814).  It's super annoying as this wasn't an issue at 10.9.

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Completely agree.   Thanks for the update.  

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I have been troubleshooting with support on this issue.  It appears that the browser cache might be causing the issue.   You might try to open your dashboard in an incognito window and see if it updates.  I also tested the dashboard in Firefox and the indicators are responsive in that browser.

We also upped the max number of records returned setting in the service parameters but I dont think that had any effect on the dashboard.

Support is supposed to be following up so I can keep you posted on any updates.

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Incognito window doesn't work either.  It will seem like it does because the cache is not present when first opening it, but it does not update as expected either.

It does seem Firefox works as expected.  As pointed out in above comments, this seems to be specific to Chromium based browsers.  Unfortunately, our IT has a policy against using't leave us with many options.

This issue has been flagged as a defect, bug number is below.




Occasional Contributor II the same boat with Firefox.  I have added this thread to my support case so they can reference your BUG.  Hopefully they can get a fix soon.


These are the notes from my support case:


  • When making some edits on the feature layer, the edits are not reflected on the ArcGIS Dashboard indicator widget.
  • Checked the feature layer in the Portal For ArcGIS and all of the new edits were added to the attribute of the feature layer.
  • Navigated to the ArcGIS Server manager Services>parameter.
  • The maximum number of records returned by the server was set to 2000, we increase the number to 10000 to include all of the records in your feature service.
  • Open the dashboard again by using the incognito window and the issue was resolved and all of the edits were reflected.
  • The issue still appeared if we didn't clear the browser cache on Google Chrome.

As we discussed I will make some further research about the browser cache and if there is any way to modify the settings of the browser cache. I will keep you updated once I have one.

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This issue also seems to be specific to services published from ArcGIS Server.  If I use a hosted feature layer from AGO, the indicator updates as expected.

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I found that if you open developer mode in chrome, on the network tab, check the no cache check box and then just minimize developer window it works properly.  On my side it seems to be specific to data coming from our SQL server and running as a map service (haven't tested with feature services yet).  I have seen that tables from sql do not seem to be affected.  I also noticed that the cache ages out on my side after some extended period of time (4-6 hrs).  ESRI let me know they are going to either create a new bug for the list widget, which is what i'm having trouble with but it sounds like any widget pull data this way might have issues.  I have tried adding the usual pragma/no-cache headers to the main dashboard HTML but it doesn't help.  Dev mode with no-cache checked and minimized is the only work around i've found for now.

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